Word Bomb Script (2022)

Word Bomb Script (2022)

Word Bomb Script; It is an undetected and currently working hack GUI that you can use for free and can write words automatically for you.

About Roblox Word Bomb

Word bomb allows players to input a word and cause it to explode. Each character will be able to reveal a pattern if they answer the question correctly. One life is lost if the characters take more time to finish the task. The next player gets two lives. They must then find another word. The game is simple but addictive.

The last bomb, Skull Bomb, highlights 3-letter prompts. The game goes on until 1 player is left. A limit of 9 players can join a server!

Script 1

Roblox exploits to run scripts:

  • Kernel Exploit
  • Coco Exploit
  • Vega X Exploit
  • JJSploit exploit
  • DuckySploit Executor

How to Run Word Bomb Script?


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