Wave Of Gold In Elden Ring (Guide)

Wave Of Gold In Elden Ring (Guide)

In Elden Ring, there are a host of tough enemies. This is one reason why you should always be ready before going into any encounter. Whether the opponent in question is a tough Elden Ring boss or a surprise group of enemies, having good skills will be of great help to keep you alive while you take large chunks of health off enemies.

The Wave of Gold is one helpful skill that players can use. it is a rare AoE shockwave attack that hits enemies in front of gamers with holy magic. Just as hinted earlier, this skill is scarce and there is only one way to get it. this is how to get the Wave of Gold in Elden Ring for interested gamers:

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How to Unlock the Wave Of Gold Elden Ring

Finding the Sacred Relic Sword is the only way to unlock the wave of gold skill. It (the wave of gold) is the special skill that comes with the sacred relic sword and it cannot be copied into any other weapon.

This sword (the sacred relic sword) is a Greatsword-type weapon, it requires 14 strength, 24 dexterity, and 22 faith to effectively wield it. the only way to achieve this sword is to purchase it from Enia at the Roundtable Hold in exchange for Elden‘s remembrance.

Enia: Wave Of Gold Elden Ring

Enia can be unlocked after you have defeated Godrick the Grafted. The moment you defeat him, the southwestern doors in the roundtable will be opened. Enia will be seen wielding a massive club with two fingers inside the room. Enia is a merchant that offers gamers mighty boss weapons and armor in exchange for their remembrance by beating gods.

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Elden Remembrance: Wave Of Gold Elden Ring

To be able to buy the Sacred Relic Sword from Enia and use the wave of gold skill, players are to beat the Elden Beast on the Elden Throne to achieve its remembrance. This fight will be tricky because this is the final boss of the game and it is tough against elemental attacks. Fortunately, its defense is constant throughout all phases of the match.

The best spot to focus on while launching an attack is the glowing spot on its belly because it does greater damage to it. Players can bring the Elden remembrance to Enia in exchange for the Sacred Relic Sword the moment they defeat the Elden Beast.

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The Wave of Gold Skill: Wave Of Gold Elden Ring

There are a few important notes to keep in mind about the wave of gold skill in Elden Ring now that players can access it. the first is that this attack is not chargeable and takes about two seconds for it to hit.

Another is that it costs about 42 FP to use it and it scales primarily with the faith stat. Although, this should not be a problem when a player gets to the level of defeating the Elden Beast.

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