Trials In Tainted Space Save Editor – Full Guide

Trials In Tainted Space Save Editor – Full Guide

Trials in Tainted Space save editor is a powerful tool that enables gamers to adjust their character stats to their choice and does other things. so, if you don’t know how others go about this, then we have got you covered as we will guide you through how to download, run, and execute the script.

I have been enjoying the gameplay for quite a while now and it was hell during the first 5 minutes I kept grinding to progress in the game. 

I have seen other gamers who spend hours and more trying to figure out what the game is all about. Although the game is not in the genre of everyone’s interest, for me who likes AAA games, I said to get to the end and see what it holds and I did with the space editor.

Even as its gameplay is difficult, it’s still one of the most played games out there. You can create different customizable characters while having a vast universe to explore. The fun aspect is its combat inclusion, and an array of weapons, with a map to help you navigate your way around.

This game is a text-based RPG game which means it relies on your imagination to create your story, chat with other players, fight, and engage in immoral acts while traversing the universe.

Having said that, if you don’t know how to make horrible characters or to improve your character stats to gain the upper hand in the game, then, we have the Space Save Editor and the steps to guide you through its usage.

Trials in Tainted Space Save Editor

It will interest you to know that the Trials in Tainted Space save editor is a script that gamers use to parse the game file information, modify it and resave it as a new file with your recently added changes. With the modification done to the save file, gamers add additional capabilities to their characters and could do another thing they ever wished for.

Since the game was newly developed, it doesn’t have many save editors out there. Fortunately, algoRhythm99 on GitHub which is a developer managed to write a program and provide the save editor that works for most systems and it’s called TiTsEd.

How To Install Trials In Tainted Space Save Editor

It’s quite straightforward to install and run the Space Save editor if you have .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed on your system.

  • If your windows run on windows 10 or you have Corel Draw 2017 installed on your system or its latest version, then .NET Framework 4.5 is already part of your system and you can go ahead to download the TiTsED-*.zip archive on GitHub.
  • Once downloaded, extract it with WinRAR to any location on your windows and launch the application.
  • Once launched, run the TiTs and click on the “Open” button at the upper right corner of the screen to save the file.
  • Click on import and allow the program to import your character information. Now modify the details imported as you wish and included everything you wish to have in the game and click on “Save as”, this will export your modified file into the game with your new features.

Final Thoughts

Trials in Tainted Space is not quite addictive when it comes to its game concepts, but with the save editor, you can modify your character and include new features to help excel smoothly in the game

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