Monster Hunter Squires Belt (Guide)

Monster Hunter Squires Belt (Guide)

In this Monster Hunter Squires Belt article, you will learn how to unlock, craft, and the abilities of Squire Belt. Monster Hunter’s Squires Belt is a Master Rank armor that is used to guard the waist. Squires Belt armor is part of the Knight Squire Master Rank Armor Set that was introduced with the new Sunbreak Extension or DLC in MH.

You can equip the Squires Belt both in male and female characters in Monster Hunter. It will have a unique appearance depending on the character you equipped it on.

In the game, Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt, the armor is described as “Fiorayne’s waist armor; the golden center buckle signifies a knight of the Royal Order” in the game.

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How to Craft Monster Hunter Squires Belt?

You can craft Squires Belt in Monster Hunter with few procedures. Firstly, you need to unlock Squires Belt by completing some quests in Monster Hunter Rise. Before it will be unlocked, you must have completed Fiorayne’s MR2 Follower Quests. Other quests that must be completed in MH Rise are “Flicker in the Night” and “An Audience with the Queen”.

Following these procedures, you will unlock Knight Squire Set and will need other materials to craft it. To craft Monster Hunter Squires Belt, you will need such items as listed below:

  • 8000 Zennies
  • Royal Order Certificate x1
  • Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x2
  • Monster Toughbone x1
  • Ultimas Crystal x1

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Protection Level of Monster Hunter Squires Belt

Monster Hunter Squires Belt has a base defense of 100 as other Knight Squire Armor Set has as well. Squires Belt offers some resistance against some elements in the game. The Monster Hunter Squires Belt can offer resistance against elements such as:

  • Dragon Element
  • Fire Element
  • Water Element
  • Thunder Element
  • Ice Element

Even as you will receive the original 100 base defense and some resistance, Monster Hunter Squires Belt allows you to insert one slot for a type of bonus or ability. Not all types of abilities can be equipped in the free slot offered by the Monster Hunter Squires Belt. The abilities to equip will either be any of the following:

  • Offensive Guard Level 1
  • Weakness Exploit Level 1
  • Critical Boost Level 1

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Extra Abilities You Can Equip by Using Monster Hunter Squires Belt

Let’s go into detail about these abilities and their effect that you can add to use the Monster Hunter Squires Belt. With this knowledge, you can select the rightful ability or bonus to equip to improve your gaming experience.

Offensive Guard

Suppose you equip the Offensive Guard in the free slot, it will increase your damage output for some time if acted upon the timed guard. When at level 1 of Offensive Guard ability, you can deal up to 5% additional damage.

Weakness Exploit

With the Weakness Exploit ability, your chances of you hitting your target’s weak spot are very likely. When you hit the weak spot of any monster, it will cause extra damage. You will have a 15% increased chance to hit your foes weak spot when Weakness Exploit is at level 1.

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Critical Boost

Critical Boost ability is an outstanding and easy-to-use ability offered by Monster Hunter Squires Belt. Critical Boost will increase your damage to an enemy when you make any critical hit. You have up to a 30% damage increase of critical hit when Critical Boost is at level 1.

Final Thoughts 

We have detailed the information necessary to know about Monster Hunter Squires Belt. We discussed how to unlock it and its special abilities that you can equip. we have also listed the materials needed to craft the Monster Hunter Squires Belt making it easier for you to find them.

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