Minecraft Spectrum Mod Guide

Minecraft Spectrum Mod Guide

Lots and lots of revamped models & textures

There has been a massive improvement in the Minecraft spectrum with new models for Pigment Pedestal, Colored Trees, many equipment, Enchanter, and many more. @Azzy did great work here, even as @Noaan was drilling to provide us the new Bedrock Armor Model implemented code-wise. @Jas was up and doing the color variations.

Therefore, you can even find the old textures activating the “Programmer Art” texture packs. There is new programmer art made by @Jenny77 which looks so nice. You can check them out after reading this Minecraft Spectrum mod guide.

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Energy System

To convert the Pigment to Ink, you have to unlock the Color Picker once you launch the game. The Ink has up to 16 different Colors which are stored in different items used to power the equipment. You can use the Ink to power the Nature’s/Radiance staff, even to power the Sparklestone/Vegetal.

The Trinkets will be changed to the required Ink later when the old gamers update their game with this mod and obtain new Ink. Using ink in Minecraft Spectrum is not rampant but there is more to do in its usage. Be informed that with Ink, to resemble a fluid, it will also act like one when you’re transferring it.

The Paintbrush

There is a new arsenal added to your items that is as an Ink Artist. You will be unlocking more and more abilities in your working tool when you progress in Minecraft Spectrum.

Currently, artists in the game can color blocks in-world with Pigment and flingcolored projectiles provided. We have added some items to add more satisfaction to flinging your Ink, just the <3 Crouch- that will bring up the color selection.

Once the magic and spellbuilding systems are added, the toolset will be improved. For now, you can use the Pigment Pedestal to start crafting as an alternative for Redstone. Although, it will sometimes react to Redstone.

Boostable Trinkets

Boostable Trinkets are not like other hidden trinkets. With the addition of Ink into them, they will become more powerful. Even the new Trinket Slot: Gloves will get more powerful.

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The Cinderhearth

This is an Ink-powered blast furnace that you can up its performance with upgrades to smelt blazingly fast. With the upgrades, you can achieve double smelting output, grant lots of XP, or consume less Ink. There are only 2 position slots allowed; you can choose any of the slots as it suits you.

Suppose you’re also a mod maker, the Cinderhearth recipe type does support over one output per input even a chance-based output.

Guidebook Improvements

  • There is an introduction of a new Checklist-Type page type. You can use it to automatically tick off collected Pigments and Gemstone Armor ingredients when you obtain any.
  • The disabled recipes in the Guidebook pages are now automatically hidden.
  • The pictures in Minecraft Spectrum are now updated to match the new textures.
  • Former and all current pages that are still WIP are currently hidden by default. So, you can guess how many WIP to unlock.
  • You can now upgrade any part of the game from a single chapter. In the chapter are 3D renderers features and structures to place them to support upgrades.
  • There is also a new category for mod compat. In the mod, compat documented all the recipes and interactions that come with the mod. You will also unlock them organically since they’re relevant to the installation of the corresponding mod.

There are many improvements carried out in Minecraft Spectrum.

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Mod compat:

  • You can be awarded Pigment/Dye by Little Ants (@MastroCaleb) when they collect colored leaves.
  • There are animated arrows in Recipes found in REI that are not instant.
  • There is an inclusion of the AE2 compat (such as the anvil crushing, creating charged certus quartz, …)
  • The mod compat has the Alloy Forgery compat (such as the Lava Sponges used as fuel, smelting of Stratine)
  • Introduction of many recipes for Spectrum’s items when in Tech Reborn machines.
  • There are many Botania recipes introduced, (such as the Anvil Crushing, creation of Overgrowth Seeds, using Petals in the Color Picker, and potion reagents …)
  • There is also a Conjuring compat that’s like a powerful Potion Reagent.
  • In the mod, Gemstone Blocks register themselves as emissive lights when you install the Shimmer mod.
  • You can now blacklist the Indestructible enchantment from the Dark Enchanter in the mod.
  • We have this for lazy mudpack makers online: Quitoxic Reeds can generate in terralith & byg swamps by default.
  • The weapons in the game do come with presets for the Better Combat mod

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Misc Improvements:

  • There are many introductions and improvements in the Misc.
  • The new models are now matched to the C/M/Y Pedestal recipes.
  • You can lock the Bottomless Bundle.
  • Smooth Basalt is used in the Earlygame tool recipes instead of Sticks.
  • Crimtane has been renamed to Stratite. 
  • With Chiseled Onyx, you build the Pedestal structure.
  • It’s no longer complex to build the Spirit Instiller Structure.
  • Jade Vine Leaf blocks have been transferred to the decoration category.
  • The Take-Off Belt was buffed in the mod.
  • Nether Ore has an increased generation frequency than before.
  • The Spirit Instiller’s handling of recipes has been greatly improved than before.
  • There are also hint pages introduced for the Midnight Chip.
  • Recipe remainders can be utilized and handled more properly than before with the mod.
  • For creative building, you can use the new hitbox holding introduced in Dike Gates.
  • You can cure the Wither status effect with Trinket/Drink’et.
  • You can also replace all lightning Stones on the ground. This makes it easier for players who can’t see them not to be confused.

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  • You can mark your progress for Midnight Chips & stepping into Liquid Crystal in the guidebook.
  • You can evenly find Ancient Ruins.
  • With the hitbox blocking Pedestal outputs, it can not get blocked by blocks.
  • The Sparklestone Light’s collision boxes have been removed.
  • Special thanks to @Wudji who helped with the Chinese Translation.
  • You can now configure all armor values.
  • The interface on Pedestal GUI.

Bug Fixes:

  • The sound in Fusion Shrine has been removed. It does not play sound when you put an item into it.
  • The Black Hole Chest where you put common items into the Knowledge Gem slot when others are full has been fixed. 
  • Thanks to @Dann, the Potion Workshop that does not have a break texture has been fixed.
  • Thanks to @Ven, the brewing unlocks in the Guidebook have been fixed.
  • Thanks to @CurousLad who worked to fix the Bottle of Ruin that was unobtainable before.
  • The Item Bowls that do not unlock when the Spirit Instiller is unlocked has been fixed.
  • The Midnight Solution Brewing recipe duping buckets in Minecraft Spectrum has been fixed.

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  • The air that is allowed at a specific position because of the Fusion Shrine has been fixed. 
  • The blocks that often forget their crafting recipes on world load have been fixed.
  • Thanks to @DomNautica: Instead of upgrading the Efficiency Enchanter with 300 at one stage, you can now upgrade it with 3000.
  • The block entity animations that get choppy in old worlds have been fixed.
  • The Pedestal recipes pinned to REI usually crash the game when opening an inventory after a relaunch has been fixed.
  • The “Harvest Moonstruck Nectar” advancement that gets granted even when the plant is not grown fully has been fixed by @ProbablyEve
  • Voiding Curse that doesn’t delete items has been fixed.
  • The Fusion Shrine advancement that always requires an item in hand has been fixed.
  • Jade Vines that mysteriously dye have been fixed.

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