Lost Ark Cute Emote

Lost Ark Cute Emote

We’re going to direct you on how to get the Lost Ark Cute Emote. I have seen a lot of players discussing how to go about this which made me write this article. The Cute emote can be acquired at the Peyto, a big ship stationed to the east of North Vern, which is south of Pleccia.

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Where to get the Lost Ark Cute emote?

You will need the Cute emote during the Rapport quest “We will be together” issued by Nineveh on the Whispering Islet. You can easily get this emote very cheap with 5,000 silver. Read on to find out where you can get it.

From the above description, the Lost Ark Cute emote can be obtained on Peyto from the Dessert Merchant called Yurei. You will find the merchant at the side of the deck in the northwest. Examine this image to find out more.

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Peyto Location – Sea of Gienah

peyto location

Second Peyto Location

  peyto location 2

Cute Emote Acquisition Location and Vendor Menu

peyto deck
Peyto Deck


vendor menu
Vendor Menu

Final Thoughts 

We believe this guide helped you locate and acquire the Cute emote.

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