How To Find The Hydra Lair In Lost Ark

How To Find The Hydra Lair In Lost Ark

On the mysterious Shangra Island, you will see some quests. Among the quest you will see in the mysterious Shangara Island is the “Wings to Wake Up The Dragon Stone: Hydra Lair”. We have explained in this article how to complete this quest. We will also lead you to find the entrance into the Hydra Lair in Lost Ark.

How to Find Hydra’s Lair in Lost Ark

You should start by finding your way to Shangra Island. Since the location often moves, you can wait for the Island to spawn before you will find your way in.

There are three different points at which Shangaru Island can spawn. You either see it north of North Vern Island, southwest of North Vern Island, or north of Anikka Island.

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Hydra Lair Lost Ark Shangra Island

Once the Island has spawned and you find your way in, visit Bisun and speak to him to start the Wings to Wake Up The Dragon Stone questline in Lost Ark.

It is Bisun that will command you to find Hydra Lair which is situated on the Northern side of the Island. To make it easier for you, zoom in on the map provided below to find Hydra Lair easily.

Hydra Lair Lost Ark Objectives

There are some objectives to complete when you reach the Hydra Lair. One of the objectives to complete is the Wake Up the Dragon Stone.

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In the objective of Wake Up the Dragon Stone, you have to find the Lesser Dragon and interact with it. After interacting with it, your next target is to comfort the Lesser Dragon. To do so, you need to play the Song of Spring in front of him.

And lastly, your objective is to soothe the Lesser Dragon. After you have completed that, you have finalized the Wings to Wake Up the Dragon Stone quest.

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