Flame Fox Yoho (Complete Guide)

Flame Fox Yoho (Complete Guide)

In the second level of Guardian Raids in Lost Ark, Flame Fox Yoho is the third Guardian. The Guardian was amongst those introduced in the March 3rd patch because Yoho was too large. To challenge the Guardian, you will level up your item up to 540 by honing.

Its quite easier to engage Flame Fox Yoho in a fight than other Guardians; especially, when you take note of the Burning Soul gimmick. It is because Flame Fox Yoho attacks are based around this system. In this article, we will look into Yoho attacks and how you can defend your character, and also the weapons to use against it.

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How To Defeat Flame Fox Yoho?

You must have tried in vain to defeat Flame Fox Yoho. Since Flame Fox Yoho is a Guardian who is always around burning DoTs, fire attacks, and environmental hazards. Due to this, you can’t easily defeat Flame Fox Yoho if you don’t know how to dodge smartly.

You also need to dodge the hazards surrounding its environment and you won’t be needing much attention on a raw DPS race. Without knowing all these, you can’t defeat Flame Fox Yoho and it’s not like Tytalos.

Special Gimmicks For Flame Fox Yoho

When in combat with Flame Fox Yoho, there are some gimmicks you need to apply. Knowing about these gimmicks will give you an edge against them. So, let’s go it through.

Burn: Flame Fox Yoho always makes use of the Burning Status Effect. It causes overtime damage to its target when gotten and can cap twenty stacks total.

Burning Soul: Flame Fox Yoho will apply this attack buff during combat with a Burning debuff. It mostly employs these two effects, though, not every time but watches out for these attacks. They cause burns when they hit their target.

Environmental Hazards: During combat, Flame Fox Yoho will set fire to the ground which will increase your Burning effect stacks. Ensure to not stand where the fire is burning to not reduce your health.

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Blue Flames: This is another dangerous attack to keep an eye on. it is a fiery Kitsune that comes with a floating necklace of flames around its neck. When the flame is thrown, it will carry out Stagger Check after which it turns blue. The blue indicates Flame Fox Yoho Enraged Form. But if all the flames have turned blue, you can Stagger it quickly when the Stagger Check comes up.

Flame Fox Yoho Attack Patterns

We are going to go through all of Flame Fox Yoho’s attacks. These attacks are not specially named, we choose to label them for easy followup. Read through to understand better.



Extra Info

Tail Swipe

It is when Flame Fox Yoho looks in a direction before swiping its tail toward that direction.

Always run to the opposite side of where Yoho is looking at.

Tail Slam

Flame Fox Yoho will always bow its head when it wants to slam its tail downward.

Watch Yoho’s head to know when it’s looking to dodge its attack.

Fire Breath

Yoho will breathe a stream of fire after it has taken a big breath.

You can go closer to touch the fire and receive a free stack of Burning Soul.

Fire Orbs

When their flames around Flame Fox Yoho’s mane, it will send fire projectiles.

The flame circles aren’t released quickly, so, you can dodge them and also receive stacks of Burning Soul.

Charging Attack

When Flame Fox Yoho charges forward, it will knock down anything in its way.

There is an illuminating Counter opportunity. In the third phase of the battle, Yoho will charge three consecutive times.

Clone Charge

Flame Fox Yoho can send its clone to charge toward you. It acts like a charging attack also.

The Clone Charge is similar to the Charging Attack. If you did not watch carefully, you can’t differentiate the Clone and Real Charge.

Spinning Orbs

Flame Fox Yoho will often send out two yellow orbs that will spin in a large form to burn and buff anyone it gets in contact with.

If you’re a non-DPS player, leave the circle and let the DPS take the damage buff since this buff is based on your lowest health.

Spinning Fire Placement

Flame Fox Yoho can also send circles of a wave of golden energy while placing two flaming spots on the ground.

The flaming spots can stack up suppose Yoho uses them to move around the mane. Don’t allow Yoho to move all the paths or the whole ground will flame up. Lead it to a particular corner till the flame dies up.

Stagger Check

When Yoho crouches down, it charges its energy.

You will see the Stagger Check when this happens. Being smart to use the Stagger Skills to knock Flame Fox Yoho out of the animation. Without doing so, it will be fully Enraged again and its tail will turn pink hue. Watch out for the blue fire around its neck as it indicates when Yoho gets to the Enraged Form.

Flame Fox Yoho can

You can dodge Yoho’s landing by watching the

Jump, Teleport, & Slam Down

teleport by jumping into the air to disappear. After that, it will slam the grown again on top of the player if you do not watch out for its landing.

points it marks where it will land from. It is marked in red color.

Jumping Attack

Flame Fox Yoho when it jumps up into the air, can land on any player.

Watch out for the marks Yoho will land and give space or dodge it when its landing. It will jump three consecutive times in the third phase.

Spinning Attack with Clones

Flame Fox Yoho can teleport while on the ground and slam any part of the ground also. When landing, it does a huge spinning attack before sending two clones of Yoho to spin a second after it has landed.

This is the most difficult attack from Yoho to dodge. Either you dodge the main Yoho spin and run close to it again to dodge the clones spin. Or, consider being fast to walk diagonally to dodge the landing clone spins. In the fourth phase, Yoho will send four clones in the North, South, East, and West directions.

Strut & Meteor Summon

Yoho will dash forward in a straight line, followed by golden meteors raining down the arena.

You will see bright yellow markings indicating where these meteors will land. Dodge the meteors as Yoho won’t attack you now.

Howl & Meteor Summon

Flame Fox Yoho will also howl toward the sky to summon meteors to rain down.

During this attack, Yoho will stand still while the meteors rain down.

This article contains significant information and guides on Lost Ark’s Flame Fox Yoho. Do well to leverage it and come out tops in your Lost Ark gaming adventures.

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