Elden Ring Fist Weapons

Elden Ring Fist Weapons

There are many different fist weapons with surmounting stats to build and equip in Elden Ring. Its important to have different fist weapons to enable you to choose any variety depending on the combat you’re to face. There is outstanding build, creating distance between you and the foes; there are also others that will bring you nearer.

Fist weapons are known for their fast attack speeds, their reach is what one should consider of any weapon class. Fist weapons bringing you closer to enemies will expose you to enemy attacks, but they have high damage. We will be looking into all the fist weapons in Elden Ring you can choose from and build.

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1. 9/9 Caestus

The Caestus is the most basic fist weapon in Elden Ring. It has little bonus than unarmed melee attacks and can add a little buff to your character strength and dexterity. Suppose you’re looking for a fist weapon to kickstart your game, you can get this handy.

Caestus’ fist weapon starting skill is Endure. In contrast, you can use Ashes of war, but Endure is best used as its helpful because it boosts your poise and reduces damage received. The problem with fist-type weapons is that it suffers from being easily hit, and you have a few fighting tactics to choose from. You’re to fight through with its basic hits continuously.

2. 8/9 Katar

The Katar is another Elden Ring fist weapon that does not differ much from the Caestus. The advantage to it is its advanced piercing damage. Katar fist weapon needs more skill before you can enjoy its use, although, not have many stats. It will increase your damage a little more and it offers higher base damage to foes.

The base stats of these Elden Ring fist weapons are almost the same without many discrepancies. Katar’s Ash of war is Impaling Thrust and its very ideal when charging against enemies in close proximity.

Since Elden Ring fist weapons are meant for close combat, this is an ideal weapon to deal high damage to enemies. You can also switch out the Ash of war for other skills you want to use.

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3. 7/9 Spiked Caestus

This Elden Ring fist weapon is in close proximity in stats with the Caestus just as the name suggests. The little difference between the Caestus and Spiked Caestus is the bonus that comes with it.
It offers a huge bonus bleed that comes with any damage done to the weapon. Even though its hit isn’t in much comparable to others, its attack speed is fast which makes it one of the fast buildsup Elden Ring fist weapons.

The Spiked Caestus skill is Endure. The skill can as well be switched out for another skill, but its best used with its skill, ‘Endure.’ When you fight through enemies, you will build up its bleed status faster, causing severe damage to the enemies.

4. 6/9 Iron Ball

This is a great Elden Ring fist weapon specifically designed for physical damage. It offers high base damage when used than other mentioned fist weapons above.
Wielding Iron Ball will buff up your strength stat and also increase your dexterity a little. You don’t have to wield many skills before you can use the Iron Ball. So, it’s a great option if you can get it earlier when you start your game.

Iron Ball Ash of war is Braggart’s Roar. Braggart’s Roar boosts the characters dealt damage and increases defense, and stamina recovery. You can also replace its Ash of war. Although, we won’t recommend this as its good since it increases many base stats for a short period.

5, 5/9 Star Fist

Star Fist weapon is another Elden Ring fist weapon to recommend in our list of builds. Star fist weapon comes with low stats just like every other Elden Ring fist weapon, but like the Iron Ball, it has higher base stats. It also deals more damage to enemies in close proximity.

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Like other Elden Ring fist weapons, its Ash of war is Endure. The Ash of war can also be replaced by other skills. It also has a bleed build-up which can be activated during intense fighting. Star Fist buildup is almost the same as the Spiked Caestus, but it comes with higher base stats than the Spiked.

6. 4/9 Cipher Pata

The Cipher Pata Elden Ring fist weapon is the only buildup that can transform your melee attacks from physical to holy damage. You must have Faith skills before you can wield Cipher Pata. The Faith ash of war is the only skill that can scale up the weapon’s damage further. It is a great fist weapon to wield when wielded with Faith ash of war.

The Cipher Pata also comes with a special ash of war – An Unblockable Blade. Just as the name sounds, its attacks can’t be blocked by enemies and must deal much damage when it hits its target.

The only enemy that can withstand or defend against this weapon is the one with the Holy defense ash of war. Holy Defense ash of war will render this weapon useless in battle.

7. 3/9 Veterans Prosthesis

You will need both strength and dexterity to wield the Veterans Prosthesis. The Elden Ring fist weapon deals lightning damage with physical damage at the same time. Such weapons that offer additional damage usually need to scale up such related stats. Sadly, you can only scale up the Veterans Prosthesis from strength and dexterity.

With the scaleup, you can deal more diverse damage even when utilizing the physical-based stats. Its ash of war is Storm Kick. The storm kick cannot be replaced and is an AOE attack of physical and lightning damage.

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8. 2/9 Clinging Bone

Second, on our list of Elden Ring fist weapons, we have the Clinging Bone fist weapon. You will need higher stats before you can wield this weapon. The advantage of wielding Clinging Bone is because of its worthwhile bonuses. It makes use of physical and magic damage and can scale up from strength, dexterity, and arcane.

Clinging Bone ash of war can’t be switched – the Lifesteal Fist. When this skill hits an enemy, the enemy will be stunned, allowing you to deal them more damage and regain 30% max health.

This bonus makes it more important during fights as you can heal without using your Flask. Sadly, you can only use the Clinging Bone Elden Ring fist weapon on human-sized enemies.

9. 1/9 Grafted Dragon

Last in our list of Elden Ring fist weapons is the Grafted Dragon which requires decent stats before you can wield it. Grafted Dragon can deal both physical and fire damage with an additional damage bonus to dragon enemies. It comes with good base stats and scales up your strength and faith massively to increase its physical and fire damage.

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Its ash of war is the Bear Witness. The skill can’t be switched to another and its attack deals great fire damage when fighting in front of the caster. It is an impressive weapon when faced with a large number of enemies. It also covers the defects in other weapons that don’t have longrange attacks.

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