Dinkum Animal Trap

Dinkum Animal Trap

You’re here because you’re seeking how to unlock the Dinkum animal trap. For that purpose, this article is dedicated to you as we detail all the processes involved.

Dinkum is a simulation game developed and released by James Bendon. It is a farming game with great details and you can do everything doable on a local farm. Just like the real farm we have, you can farm any kind of crop and also trap wild animals. The game also allows gamers to fish, mine, chop trees, and tame livestock. There is a lot to enjoy playing Dinkum.

Players may be overwhelmed by how to trap animals as it can be tricky due to every animal has their style to trap them.

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How To Unlock Dinkum Animal Trap?

Before you can trap animals in Dinkum, you need to unlock traps to be used. To unlock the dinkum animal trap, navigate to Fletch and request a Trapping License. You can buy a trapping license with 500 Permit Points.

You can start stocking your permits as early as you begin the game to have enough of them. Once you have bought the license, you will be issued blueprints for a Simply Animal Trap and an Animal

Collection Point

You will need to craft the blueprints you have collected to obtain a Dinkum animal trap. To do so, navigate to the Crafting Table with One Tin Bar, eight Mangrove Sticks, and one Old Spring.

When these items are crafted, you will obtain a Simple Animal Trap and two Palm Wood Planks, two Hard Wood Planks, and one Nail. With these items, you will get the Animal Collection Point.

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You will need to have obtained copper Axe to chop the hardwood trees you received. You can’t still get a Dinkum animal trap at this stage as isn’t an early-game mechanic. You will have to unlock the second trapping license. With one Iron Bar, one Hard Wood Plank, and two Old Spring, you can make a dinkum animal trap.

Dinkum Animal Trap

Once you have trapped animals with your simple animal traps, transport them to the collection point or they will escape. When you brought the animals to the collection point, they will go up to the sky and your trap will be returned the next day.

You should check your game mail the next day to see it with some Dinks. The dinks received depend on the weight and value of the animal you trapped.

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NOTE: Animal traps can be set and placed on the farm anytime you want. But the collection point can’t be picked up anytime you want or after you have placed it. Therefore, ensure to wisely choose a location for your collection point.

Final Thoughts 

When you have obtained the traps needed to trap different animals, you can go ahead to start trapping animals.

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