Destruction Physics Script

Destruction Physics Script

What is Destruction Physics Hack Script?

Since the release of destruction physics in 2020, it has continued to experience continuous growth and many visits. It has gotten over 68 million visits since its release. Basically, it is a game by Roblox where players have to demolish whatever they want with any tool that they are given. Players have the choice to pick which tool they are to use.

The game supports virtual reality and comes equipped with a free private server. Oftentimes, it is referred to as a remake of Tear Down.

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The game is very addicting and may be complicated as you level up. Suppose you’re seeking to streamline your gameplay, the Roblox Destruction Physics script is all you need. The script provided below is tested and virus-free.

A large number of things can be found within Destruction Physics Scripts. Some of these are auto max level, infinite coins, and infinite cash among others.

How to Execute Use Destruction Physics Script Hack

You can use any of the reliable Roblox exploits to execute a Roblox script. There is a list of exploits that you can use, such as Krnl, Fluxus, and Synapse x. Follow the steps below to execute the script.

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  • Launch the Roblox exploit and Destruction Physics
  • Copy and paste the script copied from the download link below into the Exploit text box.
  • Click on attach/execute to pop up the GUI.
  • Go on to activate all the cheats you like in the game.


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