Cult Of The Lamb Snail Shell

Cult Of The Lamb Snail Shell

Are you looking for where to find the Lamb Snail Shell to unlock the Snail Follower form? If that’s the case, you’re at the right blog. Read on to find out all you need to know.

You are allowed to make some customization in the Cult of the Lamb game, like naming your cult and arranging buildings. You can also decorate your buildings and customize/name your Followers.

Even though there are no sliders or finetuning in the game, there are other Followers forms you can unlock. You have up to three different “looks” of forms and many colors to choose from.

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Suppose you want to customize your game more evenly and the town-building, you should get more Follow forms you could.

Followers forms can be obtained organically, by carrying out side quests, fishing, when in a vending machine, and even by Crusading. Amongst all the Followers forms available, there is this particular hidden Follower form that all gamers want to unlock.

That’s the Snail Form; it is a unique Follower form that is hidden from players. You must unlock the form if you want to obtain all it all and snag the Full Flock Achievement. We are going to guide you on how to unlock the Snail Form in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Find Snail Shells?

To unlock the Snail Followers Form, you will need to collect many Snail Shells. You can obtain snail shells from small green-colored Snails lurking around some rooms during a Crusade.

Snails are to be eliminated with a curse or with a weapon. Each Snail killed will reward you with a Lamb with a Snail Shell. You will need five of these Snail Shells to unlock the hidden Follower Form.

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You will find many Snails in Zones 1 and 2 of the Darkwood and Anura areas. They can as well be seen occasionally in the Anchordeep or the Silk Cradle. Eliminating five of these Snails will move you to unlock the form.

Finding The Five Snail Statues

To unlock the Snail Follower Form, you have to locate and interact with the five Snail Statues stationed in each outpost of the overworld map. When you come to these statues, you will need to interact with them to absorb one of the Snail Shells.

The shells must be absorbed by each of the five statues; that’s why you need a total of five Snail Shells. The statues are located in the Pilgrim’s Passage, Spore Grotto, Lonely Shack, Smuggler’s Sanctuary, and Midas’s Cave.

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After you must have inserted the five Snail Shells into the five Statues, you will be rewarded with the Snail Follower Form. You can then return to your cult to change the appearance of a new Cultist that you want to indoctrinate into the group.

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