Can’t Leave Ranni’s Rise? (Solution)

Can’t Leave Ranni’s Rise? (Solution)

A lot of players get stuck at Rannis Rise while playing Elden Ring. Progressing through Ranni’s questline, you certainly will reach this area. This questline is necessary if you want to get one of the alternate endings for the game. We won’t delve into the spoilers, but only discuss how to get out of Rannis Rise.

How to Fix Can’t Leave Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

You can exit Rannis Rise by talking to all the NPCs in the area and finally to Ranni. After you have talked to them, you’re supposed to travel fast and exit the place. Check below for the exact steps on how complete and exit the Rannis Rise in Elden Ring.

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  • Head down the circular stairs from the room where Ranni is.
  • You will enter a room with a lift, and go down with it.
  • When you have reached down, go straight and you will reach the room with a site of grace. Here you will also find War Counselor Iji.
  • Have a conversation with War Counselor Iji and exhaust all his dialogues.
  • Go toward the door on the south side of the room.
  • Keep following this path, you will certainly reach a room with blue crystals/Glintstones. There, you will find Preceptor Seluvis here.
  • Have a conversation with Preceptor Seluvis and exhaust all his dialogues.
  • After talking to both of these NPCs, take the same track back to Ranni.
  • Converse with her and exhaust all her dialogues.
  • You will be able to leave Ranni’s Rise after you have talked to all these NPCs.

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Final Thoughts 

This is where we draw the curtain on this article on how to leave Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring. We hope the information here will be of great help to you.

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