Afflicted Blood Sunbreak (Full Guide)

Afflicted Blood Sunbreak (Full Guide)

Afflicted monsters have replaced the old form of endgame grind in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Players who have been in Monster Hunter for some time can recall this similarity with frenzied monsters in Monster Hunter: Generations.

Afflicted Monsters allow you to earn a new form of material. One of these materials is afflicted blood, this article is meant to help you earn this exclusive new reward.

How To Get Afflicted Blood

Just as stated earlier, Afflicted Monsters give players a new form of reward. These are called afflicted materials and they can come in various shapes, claws, blood, fangs, and more.

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However, it is not the entirety of these materials that drop from all afflicted. This is to say that certain materials can only be earned from certain monsters. A very good example of this is afflicted blood.

Players that want to earn afflicted blood can only hunt four specific monsters from 2-star anomaly quests. These monsters are Bishaten, Daimyo Hermitaur, Khezu, and Tetranadon.

Nonetheless, to earn their blood, players will defeat them in an investigation as well. Except for these monsters, no other monsters in the game reward afflicted blood, not even those in higher tiers.

A player can choose whom to battle with to earn the reward. It is advisable to battle khezu or bishaten because you can defeat them with more ease than tetranadon or hermitaur.

The reward serves various purposes throughout the endgame. Just like other afflicted materials, it is used to augment weapons. Augmenting a weapon can be in the form of increasing its defense, attacking, or raising the overall health of the player.

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Certainly, hunters will need other afflicted materials from other monsters to boost their augmentation. Even at that, hunters have to note that the upper-tier Anomaly quests will be a lot more difficult than what they have known in the past. More Anomaly quests were added with the title Update 2 for greater difficulties.

How To Fight Afflicted Monsters

The most efficient strategy to battle with the Afflicted monsters is to have a good knowledge of the monster you’re about to battle. Basically, envisage Afflicted Monsters as ones with Master-Ranks and in addition to this, they now have a higher health pool and have some more tricks.

These tricks are the new status effect like Bloodblight. Bloodblight will slow health regeneration for hunters if by chance they get attacked by an Afflicted Monster.

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Another is the Qurio explosion, it is a new AOE attack from Afflicted Monsters. This is where they will release and deal immense damage against the hunters. Closely one-shotting them if they get too close. This ability is inherent in all afflicted monsters.

It is recommended to know the movement and abilities of the monster you will engage in a fight with before going into a fight.

Take Kulu-Yaku for instance, a hunter has to understand its moves and abilities before going ahead to battle an afflicted version of it. Suppose hunters can make use of all these strategies, they will be able to earn their afflicted materials with much ease.

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